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Mortgage Broker Regina

Hi! I’m Candice Carr, Mortgage Broker in Regina. I have more than 11 years of experience originating mortgages and pride myself on making your home buying experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible! Being able to explain your mortgage options in an easy to understand manner is important to me.

I have multiple awards under my belt, including being in the top 5% of Mortgage Broker’s across the country, which means I have seen and heard every situation you could think of, and can find a solution for you. I am always thinking ahead and am a problem solver by nature. With every client I help, I am their broker for life. It’s the beginning of a long term, trusting relationship. When you call, I call you by name. The old fashioned customer service is what I strive for with every client. A relationship is formed, clients become repeat clients, and then eventually generational.

I strive for word of mouth referrals more than anything because it means someone trusts me enough to pass on my name to a person they know. They know their friend / family member or colleague will receive the same level of service they did, and I am honored to provide that service to them.

I attribute my awards to hard work which was ingrained in me my whole life, coming from a Saskatchewan born and raised, entrepreneurial family. There is still a group of people out there who value true customer service and a personal experience that becomes a long term, trusting relationship from someone who shares your values and understands what you need.

When I’m not working on mortgages, I enjoy spending time with my kids, baking, traveling, and always seem to have a renovation or re-design project on the go. I have the sweetest pup in the world, a tiny toy poodle called Minnie.

Home Buying 101

1. Mortgage Pre-Approval – set up meeting with Candice by calling/texting 306-531-6880 or email

2. Make an Offer – Find a house you love and make an offer subject to conditions such as mortgage approval, inspection, etc. If the sellers like the offer, they will accept the offer. If they do not like the offer, they will counter offer and you can accept or not.

3. Write deposit cheque to your real estate office’s Trust account. This will count towards your down payment.

Click the button below to read more about home buying 101.

Purchase Plus Improvements

Are You Buying a Fixer Upper?

Let me show you how to include your renovation costs in your mortgage!

-Find Out How Much You Can Afford
-Add Renovation Costs to Your Mortgage
-Find a Fixer Upper and Make it Your Own
-No Extra Costs or Financing Needed
-One Mortgage Payment for all Your Renovations!

Refinancing 101

1. Mortgage Pre-Approval – set up meeting with Candice by calling/texting 306-531-6880 or email

2. Estimate a Value – If you know a “ball-park” value of your home, that helps! I can also get a rough estimate from a Realtor who can check some comparable properties. The actual value will be confirmed by an appraiser.

3. Determine if you have enough Equity to Refinance – in order to refinance (not including a spousal buyout) you can only borrow up to 80% of your home’s value. Value x 80% – current mortgage = the amount of funds you can have access to.

First Time Homebuyer

Are You Buying Your First Home?

Let me show you how to get qualified for your first home purchase!

-Find Out How Much You Can Afford
-Lock In Today’s Best Mortgage Rates
-Shop for a Home with Confidence
-No Cost or Obligation
-Mortgage Interest Rates Have Never Been Lower!

Mortgage Calculator Saskatchewan

Just looking to do some quick calculations? I have a number of mortgage calculators for you to use.

Check them out by clicking the button below.

Renew your Mortgage

Is it time to renew your mortgage?

Let me show you how to get the BEST mortgage renewal.

Mortgages are a tricky thing – you will get a renewal letter from your mortgege lender asking you to sign to renew, but it’s always recommended to have a look and see if you can save money or get better terms on your renewal. I can help!

Service Areas

As a mortgage broker, I proudly serve clients in Regina, Saskatoon, Yorkton, and the surrounding areas.

I have extensive expertise in the local real estate market and can help you find the perfect mortgage to fit your unique needs and budget. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or looking to refinance, our goal is to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Contact me today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your homeownership dreams.

If you have searched any of the following; Mortgage Broker Regina, Mortgage Broker Saskatoon, Mortgage Broker Moose Jaw, Mortgage Broker Yorkton, Mortgage Broker Weyburn, Mortgage Broker Estevan and more, your search stops here!

In my many years of brokering experience, I have funded well over $200M of mortgages in these areas and have expert realtors, lawyers and home insurance providers in your city to help make the home buying process smooth and easy for you.

Not only do I provide mortgage services for Saskatchewan, but the rest of Canada as well.

More specifically, If you are searching for a “Mortgage Broker Kelowna”, you’re in luck! I am well versed in the Kelowna market and would be happy to get your mortgage pre-approval started.

Notary Public Regina

A Notary Public in Saskatchewan is authorized to perform various legal services such as affirmations, declarations and administering oaths.

They can also witness and certify the execution of legal documents such as contracts, affidavits and deeds.

In addition, a Notary Public in Regina can provide other services such as verifying the identity of individuals, certifying true copies of documents.

In summary, the role of a notary public in Saskatchewan is to act as an impartial witness and provide a reliable and trustworthy certification of various legal transactions and documents.

I am happy to offer Notary Public services to Regina and area by appointment. Please contact me at 306-531-6880 or complete the online inquiry to schedule an appointment at my Regina office by clicking the contact button below.

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