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Home Buying 101

Here's how it works

1. Mortgage Pre-Approval

Set up meeting with Candice by calling/texting 306-531-6880 or email.

2. Make an Offer

Find a house you love and make an offer subject to conditions such as mortgage approval, inspection, etc. If the sellers like the offer, they will accept the offer. If they do not like the offer, they will counter offer and you can accept or not.

3. Write deposit cheque

Write a deposit cheque to your real estate office’s Trust account. This will count towards your down payment.

4. Get mortgage approval

Get your mortgage approval, and sign the paperwork with your mortgage broker.

5. Home Inspection

Complete a walkthrough with the home inspector (the cost is roughly $500).

6. Remove conditions on the offer

If you are happy with the inspection (or renegotiate the price if something is wrong with home inspection) and the mortgage has no conditions outstanding.

Removing the conditions on the offer makes the deal “firm” and you cannot back out of the purchase without losing your deposit

7. Arrange home insurance

Your insurance company will send confirmation of coverage to the lawyer.

8. Lawyer Appointment

Meet lawyer to sign documents and finalize mortgage, land titles, etc. about a week to 3 days before possession day. Your mortgage lender and realtor will send all the necessary paperwork to the lawyer for you before you meet with them.

9. Possession day!

Get the keys from your realtor and do a walk through.

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Contact Candice by calling/texting 306-531-6880 or email.

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