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Pay off any outstanding collections. These are debts that haven’t been paid that were sent to a third-party collection agency for them to collect payment on behalf of the creditor. Many companies (not just credit […]

It’s a common held belief that if you’ve made your mortgage payments on time throughout the entirety of your mortgage term, that your lender is somehow obligated to renew your mortgage. This is simply not the case. […]

No doubt about it, buying a home is an emotional experience. It’s a game of balancing needs and wants, while trying to be honest with yourself about those very needs and wants. It’s hard to […]

Before reading this you should be warned that the following content is pretty dry… like eating 8 saltine crackers without drinking water dry. If you need to go and get something to drink before proceeding, no worries, […]

If you’re getting tired of all the media headlines claiming impending housing market and economic doom and gloom, you’re not alone. It seems every time you browse the news another US economist is predicting terrible things for […]

Thinking of buying a property, but don’t know where to start? Well… that’s where a mortgage pre-approval comes in. Start here. Just like you wouldn’t go into a restaurant without having enough money to buy […]

Have you ever wondered about how to protect yourself from mortgage fraud? Although the chances of you becoming a victim of mortgage fraud is relatively small, if you do become a victim, it will certainly have a […]

By Sandi Martin of Spring Personal Finance.The point: it doesn’t matter what method you use to pay off debt, or if you use any method at all. What matters is that you stop creating new […] If you are planning on purchasing a property in the next couple of years, here is a really good video that will explain how you can find some extra money to put away into […]

Starting to save early for retirement is extremely beneficial in the long run, especially if you have the dream of retiring with $1 million as so many Canadians do. It’s not an easy feat, but […]

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